" Growth is not a Destination for Agrawal "


A Journey of Milestones


1956  Commenced manufacturing of stainless steel utensils to its range of household utensils. The said utensils were famous throughout India and recognized by their trademark "Crossed Flag".

1960  Development of Brass and Copper Industrial sheets for a perforated strainers required by the sugar   liner as an Import Substitution at that time.

1970  Introduced manufacturing of Photoengraving Zinc and Copper plate for  printing industry.

1975  Sensing future growth, AMW gradually increased the production of industrial Brass and Copper sheets   and strips.

1984   Crossed milestone of 1000 MT annual production.

1987   Installed Reversible 4 Hi Cold Rolling Mill “United” (USA) make there by augmenting the capacity for rolling strips in coil length. 

1992   Installed Reversible Hot Rolling Mill suitable for slab Rolling.

1995  Celebrated  Golden Jubilee year. 

1997   Installed Mino 4 Hi Reversing, AGC controlled Foil Rolling Mill .

1998  Introduced Tin Bearing Copper Foils for radiator Fins. Crossed milestone of 5000 MT annual production.

2001   Installed Technica Horizontal Continuous Casting line with Computocast Technology. 

2002     Copper Strips for Renewable Energy Solar Panels.   

2004    Acquired 68854 Sq mtr land to Set up another manufacturing facility at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) to accommodate further growth and expansion plans.

2005   Started exploring the Export Market World Wide.  

2007    Installed Second Foil Mill - Two Stand Tandem Quad Mill  

2010  Progress. Crossed milestone of 10000 MT annual production.

2011   Crossed milestone of 12000 MT annual production, Commerically developed production of Copper Tapes for XLPE Cable Shielding.

2012   Installed a 3rd Foil Cold Rolling Mill - Waterbury Farrel 5 Stand Tandem, crossed milestone of 15,000 MT Annual Production.

2013   Installed Direct Chill Vertical Semi Continuous Casting Line for ETP/DHP and OFXLP Copper.