Copper & Brass Foils for Radiator Fins

Agrawal manufactures Tin Bearing Copper & Brass Foils through Horizontal Continuous Casting route on Technica Guss (Germany) - Comptucast HCC Line. The Cast Strands are milled / scalped  on In-Line Milling Machine to remove all the Oxides from both the surfaces before rolling.

Strips manufactured on Horizontal Continuous Casting is superior in the followings respect:

  • Homogeneous Mixing of Tin & consistent chemical composition.
  • Fine Grain on the cast Strands.
  • Excellent Surface Finish Free from inclusions and voids.

Tin Bearing Copper has a distinguished quality of being resistant to annealing therefore is very suitable for Automotive and Refrigeration Radiator Fins applications.

Agrawal manufactures Tin Bearing Copper Foils upto a thickness of 0.04mm and width range of 20mm to 350mm with maximum coil weight of 8 Kgs per mm width.