Agrawal cast Brass Alloys on Technica Guss (Germany) - Comptucast Horizontal Continuous Casting line (HCC Line) with channel type Melting/Holding Furnace by casting Strips upto 450 mm width in thickness of 14 mm thickness with In-Line Milling Machine to remove all the Oxides from both the surfaces.

Strips manufactured on Horizontal Continuous Casting is superior in the followings respect:

  • Homogeneous Mixing of Alloying element & consistent chemical composition.
  • Fine Grain on the cast Strands.
  • Excellent Surface Finish Free from inclusions and voids.

Agrawal manufactures Brass Strips and Foils in the thickness range of 2.5mm to 0.05mm and width range of 20mm to 400mm with maximum coil weight of 8 Kgs per mm width.